Create automated tests intuitively, maintain them easily

And make Continuous Functional Validation a reality.
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“Agilitest is a must-have for non-regression testing.”

Béatrice Aubry,
Functional Validation Consultant

“Video reports are a blessing.”

Sébastien Lansiaux,
R&D Director

“Agilitest integrates perfectly with our CI/CD infrastructure.”

Laurent de Chevron Villette,
QA Director
Clients satisfied.
* No churn ever registered
We’re young but have already reached some huge milestones.
We rely on an Open-Source backbone.

Really easy to use, for all.

Functional experts no longer need the help of developers to easily create and run automated tests themselves.

The Agilitest interface has been designed for efficiency and provides users with a smooth experience. Creating automated tests has never been that intuitive.
NO maintenance

Maintaining automated tests takes no time.

We got rid of Xpaths and created a much more robust way of identifying the components used to run the test. This innovative and powerful capture system makes tests less sensitive to software code changes.

Discover how Agilitest will make your life easier.

QA Manager

Product Owner


Create and run realistic cross-channel test scenarios

Agilitest is multi-channel and lets you create a broad range of scenarios, allowing you to rerun the same test in several environments, but also to produce realistic multi-application, multi-technology scenarios and test against them.

Recognition of DOM objects is simple, quick and efficient.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera
  • IE

Create complex Cloud/Local validation scenarios

  • WPF
  • .NET
  • All native Windows technologies

Validate in a single test a feature on your mobile app and your website.

  • iOS
  • Android

Vizualize the results of your tests in an internal webservice result viewer

  • SOAP
  • REST

Actionable PDF, XML and video reports

When a test fails, being able to quickly and efficiently identify the reason for the fail is critical.

Agilitest automatically generates video test replays as well as xml and pdf reports containing key info on the test conditions and screenshots so that you can quickly determine if the test scenario needs to be maintained or if you're facing a regression.

A powerful technical backbone

Agilitest produces scripts in ActionTestScript (ATS) format, which are manually readable and editable.

The ATS format is Open Source: ATS scripts can be freely replayed in Agilitest or on any continuous integration systems supporting Java/TestNG.

Get started now.

No plugin, no server required
2-minutes set-up

Agilitest works in Windows. Tests can be compiled by Java 9.1.