Testing Success Stories

Discover how our clients use Agilitest to automate functional tests

bambinou success story
How L'Oréal used Agilitest to automate scenarios

"Our continuous deployment pipeline now limits false positives"

The goal of L'Oréal is then to find a platform that brings together development and engineering teams, to follow updates on a regular basis with no issues with technological constraints.
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"We saved 30min per tester and per day"

When Dedalus met Agilitest, the company had a team of functional testers who tested all the paths manually. Discover how they managed to improve on non-regression tests.
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dedalus success story
How Dedalus used Agilitest to avoid bugs
picto agilitest
bambinou success story
How Bambinou used Agilitest to automate tests

"We have gained a peace of mind that is priceless."

Before discovering Agilitest, Bambinou was testing its key paths by hand. Discover how they are automating their functional tests with no in-house developers.
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"We managed to reduce our TNR load by 60%"

Floa' business team needed to automate tests without technical skills. Discover how they used Agilitest to reproduce complete scenarios including different technological solutions.

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floa success story
How Floa used Agilitest to reduce on non-regression load

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