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Agilitest helps you achieve your functional testing and automation goals.

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Your challenges

Cover and answer all functional test use cases and type of testing from regression testing, cross browser testing, test maintenance to continuous testing. 

Regression testing

How to manage regression testing with better, smarter and more robust test automation.
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Multi-device testing

Automate multi-device testing for better path coverage and reduced costs.
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Continuous testing

Optimize test coverage with simplified, yet robust functional test automation.
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Legacy app testing

Leverage legacy applications testing for better, safer and more robust test validation at lower costs.
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Testing coverage

Leverage data-driven testing, reduce costs and execute end-to-end tests for better test coverage.
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Test maintenance

Reduce time and costs, simplify testing to achieve better functional test coverage.
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Your profiles

Easy to use for testers, powerful for developers, high-performing for all. Discover what Agilitest can do for QA Managers, Testers, Product Managers and Developers.


Make your job easier, more efficient, more interesting – but also more fun.
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QA Managers

Improve visibility, test. processes and collaboration between teams.
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Leverage CI/CD and focus on creating software, not on automating tests.
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Product Owners

Improve time to market and software quality and make continuous validation a reality.
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Agilitest success story - floabank

"We managed to reduce our regression test load by 60%"

Discover how FLOA BANK used Agilitest to reproduce complete scenarios including different technological solutions.
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