Agilitest and Refertest, partners at the service of testing!

Christophe Cressend

The complementary solutions Agilitest, for test automation, and Refertest, for test repository management, share common values and ambitions:

  • Provide testers with easy-to-use tools to facilitate their work
  • Support testers on a daily basis and ensure a close and quality follow-up
  • Support quality processes and encourage knowledge and skill sharing

It is therefore natural that our teams have come together to propose a common approach and to support testers who wish to use Agilitest and Refertest in an integrated way.

Thanks to Refertest's communication with Jenkins, ATS scripts from Agilitest are launched from Refertest, which traces the execution status of each run and retrieves the Agilitest execution reports.

With this integration, scenarios created from Agilitest benefit from the same requirements-tests-anomalies traceability as the manual and automatic tests already referenced in Refertest. This gives test teams a complete view of the project's progress and coverage of requirements, which they can easily share with other teams.

Our teams are at your disposal for any further information.

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Christophe Cressend

CEO & Founder of Agilitest


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